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    RS-0021 1/100 CORE WORKS BD series RESIN RECAST KIT改套翻版


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    RS-0021 1/100 CORE WORKS BD series RESIN RECAST KIT改套翻版

    Post  MrSmith on Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:38 pm

    RS-0021 1/100 CORE WORKS BD 系列 RESIN RECAST KIT改套翻版

    韓國大廠 core works 製作的超人氣機體
    所以S.A.G.E. 獨家原模再生產
    需使用陸戰型鋼彈骨架 獨特的造型賦予了BD系列全新的風貌
    絕對是U.C迷 不可錯過的經典改套喔
    原件開模 非一般市面翻上翻劣質件
    也決不因為降低價格 削價競爭 犧牲最重要的品質

    This is 1/100 CORE WORKS BD designed by CORE WORKS
    Is time to you to own your BD rare model. BD fans can't miss it!
    SAGE brought to you by recast from the original kit and the casting material also same like the original kit.
    Conversion kit, MG RX-79[G] internal frame needed.

    * HI-CAST套件*1 HI-CAST kit x1
    * 專屬說明書*1 guide book x1
    * 照片*2 photo x2
    * 刀模式水貼一份 water decal(pre-cutted) x1

    PRICE : RM358

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